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Travelling and walking, preferably combined, belong to my bigger leisure time activities. I have been travelling and walking in Sweden as well as abroad.


I have tried to describe some of my travelling and walking tours with pictures and a few words in this homepage.


Maps and vertical track profiles.


Recently, I have used a Garmin GPS-navigator in order to register tracks and altitude data during the walks. I have uploaded the tracks to Fugawi map program, from where the maps with walking tracks and the vertical track profiles have been copied. The profiles that are shown concerning walks in the Swedish and Norwegian mountains before 2001 are produced in Fugawi on the basis of contour lines on maps.


The tracks, that I registered during my walks are available for downloading in three formats, Ozi Explorer, Fugawi and Garmin MapSource. If you want to download tracks, click here.



Most pictures can be seen in bigger formats if you click on them. In order to come back to the same picture in the summary click on your webbrowsers backbutton. You can also flip to next or previous picture through clicking on “Next picture” respective “Previous picture”. Clicking on the text “Album” brings you back to beginning of the current album. Finally, clicking on “Back” brings you back to where you were before you came to the picture (same function that backbutton in you browser). 

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Bertil Stenfeldt