Los Angeles

Los Angeles, known as "L.A." or the "City of Angels", is the largest city in the state of California and the second-largest in the United States. Located in Southern California, the city has a population of over 3.9 million. It is the core cultural and economic center of the Greater Los Angeles metropolitan area, a region home to over 17 million people. L.A. är USA:s näst största stad. Like most areas of California. L.A. is subject to earthquakes, due to its proximity to the San Andreas Fault.

The Spanish arrived in 1542 and in 1781 a group of 46 Mexican settlers came to the area. 1847 Americans took control of the city

Olvera Street is the birthplace of the City of Los Angeles and is also known as
El Pueblo Historic Monument. There are 27 historic buildings
with a traditional Mexican style plaza area.


Grauman's Chinese Theatre was opened on May 18, 1927. The first film showed was the original version of "The King of Kings", produced by Cexil B. DeMille. Grauman’s Chinese Theatre is the most sought-after theatre in Hollywood for studio premieres. You can also see cement handprints and footprints in the forecourt.


Grauman's Chinese Theater is situated by Hollywood Boulevard. Hollywood Boulevard is also called the Walk of Fame. You can see bronze star-plaques, embedded in pink & charcoal terrazzo squares on the sidewalk.


One of the best known beaches outside Los Angeles is Venice Beach. The sea runs high but the water temperature is not so high since there is a cold stream coming from the north.


It's quite lively at Venice Beach. People are biking, skating, dancing and jogging along the beach. You can often see people flying their kites.


One of the amusement parks is Universal Studios. Among other things you can see high class stunt performances.


Here is a speedboat at high speed in one of the performances.


You can find Disneyland, the original, here. There are a lot of attractions and entertainments in Disneyland.


Every day you can watch the Walt Disney's Parade of Dreams along the mainstreet.