San Francisco

San Francisco is situated in California and has about 750 000 inhabitants, incl. suburbs 3,3 million inhabitants. San Francisco is situated by the San Francisco-bay and just above the San Andreas Fault, in an earthquake area. The city is vary hilly, and many of the hills ar 250-300 meters. The best known structure in San Franciscos is the Golden Gate bridge. San Francisco was earlier the homeport to the Navy's Pacific Fleet.


The Cable Cars are characteristic for San Francisco's street scene On this picture a cable car is manually turned around on a turntable at the terminus

The driving force behind the San Francisco cable car system came from a man who witnessed a horrible accident on a typically damp summer day in 1869.


Andrew Smith Hallidie saw the toll slippery grades could extract when a horse- drawn streetcar slid backwards under its heavy load. The steep slope with wet cobblestones and a heavily weighted vehicle combined to drag five horses to their deaths. Although such a sight would stun anyone, Hallidie and his partners had the know-how to do something about the problem.

The solution was Cable Cars and the first one was tested in August 1873


A view from a cable Car aginst the San Francisco bay

In the middle of the picture yopu can get a glimpse of the island where Alcatraz is.


The streets of San Francisco are long and straight and forms a right-angled check pattern


Alcatraz was one of United States' most USA's worst  prisons. It was a federal prison. Now it's a tourist trap.

The cells were in a very bad condition


There are a total of 43 hills within city limits of San Francisco. Some of the streets are very precipitous and zigzaging downhill. Here are cars negotiating Lombard Street to descend Russian Hill


Golden Gate Park is the largest urban park in San Francisco. The picture shows one of the entrances to the Japanese Tea Garden, which is a part of the Golden Gate Park. This garden is the oldest public Japanese garden in the United States. 


San Francisco Chinatown is the largest chinatown outside of Asia


The Sea Lions have taken over a marina that held boats and moved in to the floating landing stages of Pier 39 in Fisherman's Wharf.


In Fisherman's Wharf you could see many different varieties of performances like this. These jugglers were very skilful with their burning torches. I can assure you that the man in the middle didn't move a finger.


You could suddenly be "attacked" by clowns.


The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco's best known landmark.


The San Francisco - Oakland Bridge is another welknown landmark. This bridge i 7 km long and was once the longest bridge in the world.